If a mother wants to return to work after a few months so her partner can stay at home until the leave is used up, what business is it of the State to interfere in the efficiency of that choice for a couple? Photograph: iStock

‘Are you able to breastfeed?” she asked. Excuse me? It’s not every day male business journalists get asked this question at the launch of a research r(...)

Communication around returning to work after maternity leave should be open, transparent and happen as early as possible, even before the women goes on leave. Photograph: iStock

Increased interest in the treatment, representation and equality of women in the workplace has been reflected by media and industry attention to issue(...)

Stop button: The evidence suggests that many of us are leaving too much money in the hands of Revenue in the form of unclaimed tax credits

If you feel like you paid too much tax last year, you are not the only one. Yes, 2015 was another year when the personal tax burden was high. And whi(...)

Figure out what you want independent of what is happening at any given moment in your workplace.

Returning to work following maternity leave can be one of the most fraught, challenging and stressful times in a woman’s life. Here are some ways t(...)

Wake-up call

We would all like to believe that when we return from maternity leave, our bosses, colleagues and subordinates would welcome us back, and maybe even (...)