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People never consider that a marriage – first or subsequent – will invalidate a will but it does

(...) invalidate a will – marriage, divorce and a personal decision by a person to revoke their will. Again, there(...)

Married couples with one earner can earn up to €43,550 before moving into the higher tax bracket.

(...) financially, as marriage has a protected status in the Irish Constitution,” says Barry Flanagan, director at(...)

Marriage revokes a will made before that point, but divorce does not. Photograph: iStock

(...) yes. There is one exception, I gather, but, in general, marriage does invalidate a previous will and(...)

A significant social change over the past 40 years has been the gradual disconnection between the decision to get married and the decision to have children. Photograph: Thinkstock

Up to the 1970s, Irish family formation largely followed a traditional pattern of marriage followed(...)