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The paper filing deadline for your tax return is October 31st, while if you file online, you’ll get until November 12th to pay and file.  Photograph: iStock

(...) state agencies, but it has really upped its game this year, particularly when it comes to landlords(...)

Many landlords are thinking about leaving the market on the back of rent controls, higher taxation and greater compliance costs. Photograph: iStock

(...) landlords, if one line of reasoning is followed, are departing the market in large numbers, bringing with(...)

Commercial stamp duty: the decision to triple it left readers scratching their heads. Photograph: iStock/Getty

(...). Unfortunately, it does not. Others to be disappointed were landlords and those hoping to benefit from more(...)

An increase in excise duty on diesel was just one of several measures that had been widely expected to feature in Budget 2018 but which ultimately  got no mention. Photograph: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

(...) mention of the reform plan in the speech. Silence too on expected relief for landlords as an exodus from(...)

(...) did it become the duty of the tenant to carry out the landlord’s tax affairs? Unbelievable!!! Ms MF(...)

The imposition of property tax, which is still not allowed as an expense to offset tax liabilities, is another cost for landlords. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times

With just over a month left to file tax returns for 2015, landlords across the country will be(...)

The minimum cost of works required in order to be eligible for relief under the scheme is €4,405 (before VAT) and the upper limit is €30,000, again before VAT

(...) was originally targeted just at homeowners but was extended in the last budget to include landlords in(...)

While some landlords may just be coming to terms with settling a sizeable tax bill as a result of(...)