joint tenants

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When buying a property with a friend, or friends, you must agree at the outset who owns what under what terms. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

I bought a house with a friend during the Celtic Tiger which subsequently ended up in negative equity. I moved out a few years ago to rent in a locati(...)

You stated (in Nov 2017) re joint accounts and inheritance tax that, when one of the joint account holders dies, the value of the inheritance to the o(...)

Any gift of a share in the property would count towards the lifetime limit of tax-free gifts and inheritances.

I have a query regarding a jointly-owned property with my sister. We bought it in 2008 for €390,000, and are joint tenants. My sister has pretty muc(...)

The problem: in the tax authorities’ eyes, your partner is effectively “gifting” you a large part of your half share of the money.

My partner and I are in the process of buying a new home. I have been told I must pay inheritance tax as the house we’re selling is my partner’s. Coul(...)

There are essentially two ways property – including a joint account – can be held between two or more people

You wrote a couple of weeks ago in relation to joint accounts and said that “the assets in a spousal joint account will pass to the surviving spouse u(...)