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Outsourcing is an important source of skills and services for many companies. Photograph: iStock

(...) externally, recent research reveals that outsourcing decisions can also influence innovation. The Irish(...)

Employees are more satisfied, creative and productive if they can contribute their thoughts and ideas to the achievement of the company goals. Photograph: Getty Images

(...) environment that promotes innovation among your workforce? Increased market competition can encourage(...)

“Gifted, adventurous people are attracted to discovery and they seek the training that comes with fundamental research.” Photograph: Rafe Swan/Cultura/Getty

(...) is the only way to make the crucial breakthroughs that lead to ground-breaking innovation. Currently(...)

Engaging simultaneously in both radical and incremental innovation is considered one of the toughest managerial challenges.

(...) to the workplace, it is frequently used to refer to innovation – that is, the ability to exploit a(...)

Protesters against climate change pretending to be dead outside a Paris hotel last week where the International Petrol Summit was taking place.  Photograph:  EPA/ETIENNE LAURENT

Lusk, Co Dublin. With our evolving climate innovation will be needed in many disciplines, with its(...)

Working late: after-hours emails chip away at creativity, innovation and true productivity

(...), innovation and true productivity. If this is a common behaviour for you, you’re missing the opportunity to(...)

(...) strategy for innovation and entrepreneurship, explains Trinity’s dean of research Prof Vinny Cahill. The(...)

The focus of the Food for Health Ireland technology centre is on milk and developing innovative ways to add value to it by delivering improved health.

(...) research, creativity and innovation. These are the ingredients needed to keep the sector growing(...)

It is nearly a year since the last annual report on innovation across Europe as reflected in the(...)

Focus on Europe: in July the European Commission tabled proposals for an investment package of around €22 billion to boost innovation in potentially high growth sectors that will generate high quality jobs

EU-based businesses are not investing enough in research and innovation. Their R&D spending in(...)