There is a difference between what you will pay in inheritance tax in France and in Ireland. Photograph:  iStockphoto

I have two children living in France. I am now a widow, an Irish citizen living in Ireland where any assets I have are situated. When I die, will my (...)

It is disconcerting that three different qualified legal specialists have given you three different answers. Photograph: iStock

I have a question that I’ve asked three different solicitors and got three different answers. My aunt, who has never married and has no children, is l(...)

The dwelling house exemption allows someone to inherit a property tax-free provided that they have lived in it for three years before the homeowner’s death and that it was the main home of the person who has died.  Photograph: iStock

Revenue has decided not to appeal a High Court judgment that allows people to inherit the family home without paying tax, even if they also inherit ot(...)

There are three different categories for inheritance tax. Photograph: iStock

What is the status of grandchildren in relation to inheritance tax? Mr D.Q., email There are three different categories for inheritance tax: Categ(...)

Ultimately, the valuation date is the date when the value of the property and assets is established.

We are in the process of concluding an estate. The beneficiaries are five siblings. One of these is not an issue: the remaining four inherit the proce(...)

The problem: in the tax authorities’ eyes, your partner is effectively “gifting” you a large part of your half share of the money.

My partner and I are in the process of buying a new home. I have been told I must pay inheritance tax as the house we’re selling is my partner’s. Coul(...)

By inheriting a second property from a parent, along with the family home, a person no longer qualifies for the dwelling home exemption as they are deemed to have an interest in another property. Illustration: iStock

My partner’s mum passed away recently and, as a result, he is due to inherit the family home along with a second property. As he has lived and still(...)

The relief from capital gains of the sale of someone’s principal private residence is one of the best known tax reliefs  A person can receive cumulative gifts and/or inheritances from their parents of €310,000 under current rules without incurring a tax liability. Photograph: iStock

My wife and I have a question about gift tax. We have lived with my wife’s mother for more than three years in her mother’s house, the family home. We(...)

If you have two children, that means anything above €620,000 will be subject to inheritance tax – formally known as Capital Acquisitions Tax – at 33%. File photograph: Getty Images

US President Donald Trump vowed to abolish it, but the Swedes did so. The Economist deems it a “fair” tax, philanthropist Chuck Feeney is avoiding it (...)

There are essentially two ways property – including a joint account – can be held between two or more people

You wrote a couple of weeks ago in relation to joint accounts and said that “the assets in a spousal joint account will pass to the surviving spouse u(...)

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