Please advise what inheritance tax category does a person who was legally adopted at birth fall into when the adopted person inherits from either of t(...)

France’s inheritance laws and inheritance/gift tax structures can be a minefield so make sure that whatever arrangements you put in place will be acceptable under French law. Photograph: iStock

An Irish-resident, Irish-born father wants to gift a French property worth €250,000 to his daughter, who also lives in Ireland. His will is under Iris(...)

Your experience shows the perils of making informal arrangements to suit particular family circumstances

My father died six years ago and the estate was split among five siblings. We all got some cash, which we took, but the house was not divided. The hou(...)

As long as your annual gift is at or below €3,000, you do not need to declare it

You have stated several times that a child can receive up to €335,000 from a parent without having to worry about CAT. Is there a tax-free limit to th(...)

The dwelling home relief scheme was designed  to ensure that someone who had stayed in the family home looking after elderly parents, or relatives, would not find themselves homeless upon the death of their parents/relatives because the property needed to be sold to meet any inheritance tax liability

I have a daughter in America who owns a house in Ireland and another in America. She intends returning home sooner or later to live with my wife and I(...)

You stated (in Nov 2017) re joint accounts and inheritance tax that, when one of the joint account holders dies, the value of the inheritance to the o(...)

“There is absolutely nothing to stop your daughter inheriting your home without paying any inheritance tax as long as she owns no other property – or a share in any other property. She can avail of what is called the dwelling house exemption.”

My daughter has been living at home all her life with me, her mother. I worked hard and my mortgage is paid and I have the house deeds. She is my only(...)

Unless you are paying rent to your uncle at the market rate when you move into this home, Revenue will consider that you are in receipt of a gift. Photograph: Kate Geraghty

My uncle is alive and well and had been renting a home he owns but has never lived in to tenants for a number of years. The tenants have moved out and(...)

There is a difference between what you will pay in inheritance tax in France and in Ireland. Photograph:  iStockphoto

I have two children living in France. I am now a widow, an Irish citizen living in Ireland where any assets I have are situated. When I die, will my (...)

It is disconcerting that three different qualified legal specialists have given you three different answers. Photograph: iStock

I have a question that I’ve asked three different solicitors and got three different answers. My aunt, who has never married and has no children, is l(...)

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