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‘I have agreed to buy his half. Am I   liable for stamp duty?’ Photograph: iStock

(...) half share is inheritance? The value of the house is €500,000 approx. I just need to know all the(...)

You are free to give your stepchildren up to €3,000 a year on top of any similar sum given to them by your husband. Photograph: iStock

I have just read your article, Will our stepchildren lose out on inheritance, from last September(...)

Inheritance tax is a self-assessed tax in Ireland and not really an issue for an estate agent. Photograph: iStock

(...) is my inheritance tax allowance. He says if the property sells for more than the value for probate my(...)

“Everyone is allowed a principal private residence so I would expect that Revenue would be happy that, for the brief period you owned it, this was your family’s principal private residence.”

(...) inheritance from your mother. On the basis of the information you have provided, there would not be any(...)

The increase amounts to just over 3 per cent, roughly a third of the rate of growth in property prices, according to data published by the Central Statistics Office earlier on Tuesday.

Children will be able to receive slightly more from their parents in gifts and inheritance before(...)

The complexity of family arrangements never loses the capacity to surprise. Photograph:  Nick Bradshaw

(...) inheritance tax issue. The current limit on the aggregate amount a person can receive tax free from both(...)

‘Children receiving gifts or inheritances from their parents fall into category A.’ File photograph: Getty Images/iStockphotos

(...) of the issue – how are stepchildren treated under the categories for inheritance tax? And it is(...)

Revenue will consider any of your assets as fair game for assessing inheritance tax.

(...) which will, at present, entail them paying inheritance tax. Friends tell me that I should do each of(...)

There is no obligation to provide for non-dependant children in a will.

(...) this inheritance topic, as I am currently in an almost identical situation. My brother passed away two(...)

Once you become an executor to a person’s estate, you are answerable for life for any actions taken as executor.

(...) been aware of an inheritance going back close to 20 years? No. And there’s good reason for why this(...)

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