Officials said they were referring to ‘very early stage cost estimates’ but these are all projects due for completion by 2027. They include MetroLink, BusConnects and the M20 motorway between Cork and Limerick. Photograph: Tom Honan

Here’s something you never hear when a government is announcing a major new infrastructure project(...)

If the economy is to provide 30,000  houses a year housing investment will need to double from its current level. Assuming that Government policy is reasonably successful in achieving this target by 2019, this will add one or two percentage points to the growth rate of the economy over the next two years

(...) housing, but the shortage of necessary infrastructure is also becoming apparent across other aspects of(...)

Ibec director of policy Fergal O’Brien: “It is vital that the next government takes advantage of the opportunities now available.” Photograph: Eric Luke

Fergal O’Brien. First among those, the business group argues, is increased expenditure in infrastructure(...)

Caroline Spillane: failure to streamline planning and delivery of key projects could be detrimental to the economic outlook

(...) the long-term infrastructure needs of the country, according to Engineers Ireland. The body, which(...)