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On an annual basis, prices are now 1.7 per cent higher than they were in May 2020. Photograph: iStock

(...) figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) show, inflation is on an upward curve once more. Latest(...)

Have US interests rates peaked for the current cycle? Maybe. Above, Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell. Photograph: Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA

(...) of precisely zero in real, inflation-adjusted interest rates. That’s one very large feature of the(...)

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who remains committed to low interest rates as a tanking currency pushes rapidly rising inflation to even higher levels than expected inh August. Photograph: Igor Kovalenko/EPA

Turkey’s consumer inflation accelerated more than expected last month as a tanking currency boosted(...)

It’s an article of faith on the right that any attempt by the government to fight unemployment must lead to disaster, so the faithful must keep predicting disaster no matter how often it fails to materialise

(...)’s completely wrong. The quintessential example is fear-mongering over inflation. It was, perhaps, forgivable(...)

Physicist Lee Smolin contends that cosmologists should test hypotheses against the properties and history of our universe

(...) of physics. Cosmology introduced the concept of inflation to explain some puzzling properties of our(...)

Doing what the US did after the second World War – using low interest rates and inflation to erode the debt burden – is often referred to as “financial repression”, which sounds bad. But who wouldn’t prefer modest inflation and a bit of asset erosion to mass unemployment?

(...), chapter 3 – although billed as an analysis of trends in real (inflation-adjusted) interest rates – in(...)

European Central Bank president Mario Draghi  at the monthly ECB news conference in Frankfurt yesterday. Photograph: Ralph Orlowski/Reuters

(...) inflation running at less than half its target. The decision came as the ECB said it expects consumer(...)

 Debenhams on Oxford Street:   Sports Direct International has bought almost 5 per cent  of shares  in Britain’s second-largest department stores chain. Photograph:  Yui Mok/PA Wire

(...) launching a full-scale takeover offer.****It has taken more than four years, but UK inflation has at last(...)