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‘My hope, if not forecast, is that we have seen the peak in residential property prices. Perhaps for this generation, not just for the current cycle.’

(...) after that depends in no small part on the behaviour of wages. Income and wealth inequality are the(...)

UK research which found that 74 per cent of people had, in the previous year, felt so depressed and unable to cope that they had entertained suicidal thoughts, Richard Wilkinson told Tasc.

(...) inequality and has now co-authored The Inner Level, which examines the mental health issues raised by(...)

Trump supporters after the election. Half of all Americans have seen no real income increases since the 1970s. Photograph: Doug Mills/The New York Times

(...) opportunity. He personifies the “expert” so despised by everyone in power in Westminster. Inequality In a(...)

Research finds that there has been an increasing tendency for people to choose life partners with similar levels of education. Photograph: iStock

Concern about income inequality is an important theme in the US presidential election. It was a key(...)

Sam Pizzigati: “The modern corporation is the engine of inequality in our world. Look at the amount of cash that the billionaire class is putting into elections.” Photograph: Eric Luke

(...) the engine of inequality in our world,” he says.He describes what has happened in the US in the past(...)

The  1987 Economics Nobel Prize winner Robert Solow:   “The cheerful blandness of Mankiw’s ‘Defending the One Percent’ may divert attention from its occasional unstated premises, dubious assumptions, and omitted facts.”  Photograph: Getty Images

(...) debate sharper than over the significance of growing inequality. A recent exchange between Nobel Prize(...)

We have yet to see whether US president Barack Obama’s declaration that inequality is “the defining challenge of our age” will translate into policy changes. Photograph: Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

Rising inequality isn’t a new concern. Oliver Stone’s movie Wall Street, with its portrayal of a(...)

Pope Francis has entered the debate about social and economic inclusiveness. Photograph:  Franco Origlia/Getty Images

(...) inequality. President Obama has weighed in on the same topic, arguing something must be done about stagnating(...)