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Accelerating the building of new homes in Ireland will be a crucial element in securing investment from companies looking to relocate from London to the EU post-Brexit. Photograph: Getty Images

(...) overcrowded schools. And then there is housing. Figures published on Monday note that official figures(...)

Grand Canal Dock in Dublin. Land prices are rising rapidly in response to the increased sale price for housing. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

The task of housing all of our people remains a crucial challenge for the Government and for(...)

“There has been a repeated cycle where housebuilding collapses because of an economic crisis and, when the economy begins to grow again, a much longer period before housebuilding recovers.” File photograph: Getty Images

(...) between policy implementation and delivery is housing. As a result, there has been a repeated cycle where(...)

 Simon Coveney: ‘This is money that is going to be going into a suspense account; we can’t access it until their is legal clarity around this judgment, which I think is flawed.’ Photograph: Gareth Chaney Collins

(...) interfere politically with Ireland’s corporate tax affairs, according to the Minister for Housing. “I think(...)

Tánaiste Joan Burton’s office has sent a memo to Labour ministers telling them to ‘develop a distinctive identity from Fine Gael’. Photograph: Frank Miller/The Irish Times

(...) as a “minimum wage increase, deeper USC cuts, action on housing affordability and rent regulation(...)