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Official data and, particularly, anecdotal evidence suggests that Dublin prices, at least, have stopped rising. Photograph: Alan Betson

Housing and house prices are a problem in many – perhaps most – major economies. Policies to deal with this are often easy to design but fiendishly di(...)

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Everyone from Moody’s to the Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund is warning about affordability in the Irish housing market. And they’re (...)

‘A recent report concluded that it is clearly ‘not feasible’ for someone with average full-time gross earnings to fund a deposit ‘without significant assistance from family or friends’.’

We all know that house prices are soaring – and will likely continue to do so unless supply expands dramatically. But as prices rise far faster than i(...)

The data from Europe’s official gatherer of statistics say that, in the final quarter of 2014, prices were 16.3 per cent higher than in the same period in 2013.

Irish house prices were back in the news yesterday, with figures from Eurostat showing that property prices here rose faster than anywhere else in the(...)

Housing shortage: while it is estimated that Dublin needed 7,000 new completions last year, there were in reality just 1,360.

Despite its reputation as a dismal science, economics is not immune to new thinking. In recent years, for example, behavioural economics (an ap(...)

House prices in Northern Ireland are stabilising after years of dramatic falls, a survey of surveyors has found.But these findings conflict with the B(...)

Economists say  the collapse of the property market since 2007 may have led house prices to undershoot fair values. In a research technical paper, they state that prices “are back to levels consistent with or below long-run equilibrium values”.

The rate of capital gains tax should be indexed to increases in house prices as part of efforts to prevent another property bubble, economists at t(...)

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai, China. Photograph: ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images

On a recent study tour of Beijing by the MBA class at the Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School in UCD, the question everyone had to ask aft(...)