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Liability to tax on gifts and inheritances under the Capital Acquisitions Tax regime is a point-in-time operation.

(...) result of using up the full group A threshold previously? Mr B.F., email Tax-free thresholds on gifts(...)

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(...)’s sums are wrong. As a “stranger” – not a blood relative – you can only receive gifts up to the value of(...)

You can receive up to €30,150 from a lineal relative (grandparent, uncle/aunt or sibling) free of tax

(...) long as you have not also received other gifts and/or inheritances from him, other grandparents, or(...)

The bottom line is that, in general, it is the donor who pays gift tax under US law

Irish law where the beneficiary is responsible for taxation issues regarding gifts and inheritances. I(...)

As long as the intention is that the loan is repaid as you outline, it will not, in itself, be deemed a gift

(...),000 to child? Can you let me know if the CAT threshold of €225,000 for gifts/inheritances between(...)

One Revenue official said  the reason for the changes to the tax treatment of gifts  was precisely to prevent compliant taxpayers being disadvantaged.  Photograph: Alan Betson

(...) could fundamentally alter the rules on the tax treatment of gifts from parents to their adult children(...)

 Michael Noonan: pressure to amend law governing gifts from parents to children. Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

Minister for Finance Michael Noonan is under pressure to amend the Finance Bill to protect gifts(...)

The new PRSI regime on unearned income is certainly causing a lot of confusion

(...)? Thank you for publishing and answering my query recently in relation to gifts to grandchildren. However(...)

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(...) clear that the gifts are for the use of the grandchildren and not their parents(...)

(...) the Capital Acquisitions Tax code – which govern gifts and inheritances to a child from a parent – was(...)