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We have been gifted a garden site valued under €310,000 and under one acre by my fiancée’s parents to build a house for us. Photograph: iStock

(...) gift tax) and stamp duty are the ones that come to mind. That sounds like a lot of complications but(...)

The equity you have in the property certainly counts towards fulfilling your 20 per cent deposit requirement under the new central bank rules. Photograph: Kate Geraghty

(...) is quite willing to do this. But will her gift be taxable for me? Also, would my own equity in the(...)

Med 1 allows you to claim tax relief against income tax already paid through the PAYE system and it is particularly valuable for nursing home costs because you can claim relief at your highest rate of tax

(...) on the Med 1 form must you indicate that you have received a gift. It’s not relevant to that form(...)

TThe CAT Act allows you as a “child” to receive up to €225,000 in total from December 5th, 1991 onwards from both parents without having any liability to capital acquisitions tax

(...) of €225,000.I believed that any gift over €3,000 in a calendar year was subject to CAT and/or a(...)

Items such as a  contribution to wedding costs, or the care of children by grandparents, could have a tax implication.

(...) as a gift or inheritance for tax purposes where it would be considered “normal expenditure” of a(...)

(...) way of inheritance or as a gift. To avoid confusion, I should note that CGT is not the issue here but(...)

(...),000, giving him a total gift/inheritance of €500,000? Allowing for the current threshold of €225,000, could he(...)

I am the holder of some equity shares and receive a copy of the annual report of the company. I like to peruse the report, particularly the highlighte(...)