‘Do I qualify as a first-time buyer?’ Photograph: Getty Images/iStock

I’m 34 years old running my own business. When I was 20 my father and uncle purchased an investment property. I had received a claim at the time and p(...)

Haven Mortgages is prepared to consider such cases. Photograph: Alan Betson

Last week, we had a letter from a woman who was checking to see if there was any way she, who has never owned a property, could avail of first-time bu(...)

Is there any way a married person can independently apply for a mortgage? Photograph: iStock

In a piece last year on – Youthful purchase abroad disbars couple from first-time buyer status – you mention the only way around is for the non-proper(...)

The introduction of Help To Buy and an overall rise in development means first-time buyers  have more choice now than they would have had in the recent past, and bidding isn’t as frenzied

They are aged about 34, earning about €69,000 if they live outside of Dublin, and €81,000 in the capital, and looking to buy a new home in Dublin 15, (...)

It may be the house of your dreams but you are a first-time buyer only once.

I was wondering if you could shed some light on the possible implications of a property purchase that I am intending to make. I am aware that, broadl(...)

There is no turning the clock back on first-time buyer status

I was married but separated eight years ago. My ex-wife and I took out a mortgage to completely renovate our home, which had been left to my ex-wife b(...)

Home purchase is one of the biggest investments in our lives. Photograph: Getty

I lived in UK for a few years studying and then working. In 2010 I jointly bought a house with my girlfriend. We sold it in 2013 to come home. I’m now(...)

Central Bank chiefs Philip R Lane and Sharon Donnery announce changes to the bank’s residential mortgage lending requirements. Photograph: Reuters/Clodagh Kilcoyne

I am a first-time buyer. Regarding the Central Bank’s recent proposals, what is my position if I am thinking of purchasing a house worth €312,500? How(...)

In the Help-to-Buy initiative, the Central Bank claimed that offering the rebate only to buyers who borrow 80 per cent or more of the price was unwise, as it could force people to borrow more than they might need

It’s not an inaccurate statistic the Central Bank has put forward over the past week with regards to deposits and first-time buyers, but it may be a t(...)

New-build grant in budget:  a reader is advised need to wait until the Finance Bill to see if they would be allowed knock down a perfectly serviceable home in order to avail of new-build status. Such action certainly goes against the spirit of the measure and may yet go against the strict wording. Photograph: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

I have a query in relation to the new 5 per cent rebate. As I understand it, the rebate does apply to self-builds but it would not apply to renovating(...)