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As long as the adult children have not already received substantial inheritances from their mother, or gifts from either of you, there should be no immediate issue

I’m considering selling our previous family home to jointly buy three apartments with my three adult kids. It’s probably worth €800,000. I plan to stu(...)

You are liable for tax – outside of a small exemption – for any capital gain you make on the sale of an asset other than the family home. Photograph:  Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

In 2016 my wife and I gave our son (an only child) €300,000 towards the purchase of his house. This is the only gift he has received to date. We also(...)

Whan calculating capital gains tax on the sale of a property, you are allowed deduct the costs of buying or selling it.

Our father died in 1993 without making a will. His only asset was the family home, a small, council-built house. As such, all seven children were enti(...)

The complexity of family arrangements never loses the capacity to surprise. Photograph:  Nick Bradshaw

My mother-in-law has advised she is going to bequeath one of her houses, not the main family home, to my wife. My wife now wishes to move into that h(...)

“We need the house sold but it seems to be a huge cost involved if we employ a solicitor barrister.”

My mother died in December 2006, my father died in October 2007. My father had made a will leaving everything to my mother, but as she predeceased him(...)

Revenue wants the High Court to determine if Leanne Deane was precluded from claiming the family home exemption on the basis she was at the time of the inheritance beneficially entitled to any other dwelling houses.

The High Court will rule at a later date on a case with important implications for the assessment of taxes concerning the inheritance of a family home(...)

The relief from capital gains of the sale of someone’s principal private residence is one of the best known tax reliefs

I have a query for you. My brother lived in his family home up until he divorced his wife. He went back to live with his parents, and stayed there for(...)

As the sale of a principal private residence is not liable for tax under capital gains, the corollary is that you cannot use it to accumulate a loss that could be set against other gains.

If I sell my principal private residence this year (bought 12 years ago) and I make a loss (circa €30,000), am I entitled to offset this loss against (...)

 Fine Gael leader Garret FitzGerald (right) and  John Bruton, FG spokesman on finance, 1982.  Photograph: Pat Langan

The Tax Strategy Group is supposed to offer the Minister for Finance a range of options as he or she prepares for the budget. The brushstrokes on the (...)

What are the rules (or where can I find them?) about transferring a family home to a child to avail of the inheritance tax exemption for the family ho(...)