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Consumer goods giant Unilever said it would scrap a move to a single UK headquarters if Dutch enact exit tax law. Photograph: Philippe Wojazer/Reuters

Anglo-Dutch consumer goods giant Unilever said in a filing on Monday that a plan to unify its headquarters in London and scrap its Dutch base might n(...)

Exit tax is seen as a payment credited to you against any final tax liability upon your eventual exit from the fund. Photograph: iStock

I took out an investment bond with Zurich in 2003. It was known as Eagle Star at the time. After eight years, Zurich deducted tax at then rate of 30 p(...)

French president Emmanuel Macron: “The exit tax sends a negative message to entrepreneurs in France, more than to investors,” he told Forbes magazine. Photograph: Michel Euler/Pool via Reuters

France is modifying rather than removing its “exit tax” on capital gains made by business owners or investors, maintaining a more limited version to t(...)

Unit funds are treated as investment undertakings and, assuming they were acquired since the start of 2001, are subject to exit tax. File photograph: iStock

I hold a number of units in a range of Unit Funds, such as those retailed by stockbrokers in Ireland and, up to recently, by Rabo Direct. These are he(...)

When investing, it is important to take account not only of the gross return but also of any taxes that might apply that would reduce this return. Photograph: iStock

Your colleague Fiona Reddan wrote a very useful article on different options to putting money on deposit. What does not seem to be highlighted in it i(...)

Do high-risk investments produce a greater return than State-backed low-interest savings products? Photograph: Bloomberg News/Hannelore Foerster

I have retired recently and have €200,000 to invest. On talking with an Irish life advisor today I understand the following to be true of them and pro(...)