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(...) instance: a bird with a snout. They are doing this to scrutinise big events in evolution, such as how(...)

A moving robot child produced by the mother robot after the mother had tried different block combinations. Photograph: University of Cambridge

A robot “mom” has shown evolution works as well with robots as it does with animals. She delivered(...)

The notion of the “jumping gene” that hops from one species to another has been known since the 1950, causing for example antibiotic resistance that helps superbugs like MRSA to survive. File photograph taken from the Dublin City of Science 2012 initiative.

(...), according to new research.The findings are going to force a rewrite of how evolution works, says NUI(...)

Rhinolophus mehelyi in northeast Bulgaria: in a study, the males had echolocation calls 30 kilohertz higher than the range expected for bats of this size. Photograph: Sebastien Puechmaille

(...). Evolution has shown us that new species may arise when a barrier forms to block the flow of genes across(...)

Olinguito Bassaricyon neblina in Ecuador. Photograph: Mark Gurney

Ecuador’s rainforests to the underside of an Antarctic glacier. Clearly evolution has no intention of(...)

(...) ancient birds had penises that were lost later in evolution, and almost certainly male dinosaurs had(...)