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European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker decided after taking office that the commission no longer needed a chief scientific adviser. Photograph: AP Photo/Virginia Mayo

Scientists are sticklers for evidence. They start with a theory, an assumption about why(...)

In the whole-class teaching method, the teacher stands at the blackboard, teaches the whole class the established body of knowledge, tests the children with questions and ensures a disciplined class environment. This type of teaching was the norm in Ireland until the 1960s. Above, schoolchildren in the west of Ireland in 1955. Photograph: Three Lions/Getty Images

(...) supported by very little empirical evidence. The scientific reviews I have read (such as Paul Kirschner(...)

 A ‘parasite zapper’, which claims to rid the body of parasites by allowing the nine-volt battery to pass a current through the patient’s body

(...), support your organs and immune system” and eliminate poisons. No objective evidence is offered for(...)