You will also need to make sure everything is in writing and that you have full receipts for the enhancement works. Photograph: Getty

Having purchased a house in 1986 and lived there for 10 years until 1996, could I reduce capital gains tax payable if I decide now to do a little upgr(...)

A capital loss does not expire. You hold on to it and carry it forward until such time as you have made sufficient capital gains on the sale of other assets to fully offset it

I bought an apartment in 1987 which I still live in. In 2000, I bought a holiday home for €90,000 on which I spent about €70,000 on renovations. Durin(...)

You cannot offset the expenses incurred in the necessary refurbishment work on the property against any capital gains tax bill arising on the sale of your shares.  Photograph: Jason Alden/Bloomberg

My sister and I inherited our family home and adjoining shop premises from a parent last year. This property was amalgamated over the years, with busi(...)