Enduring power of attorney  is a phenomenally powerful document. Photograph: iStock

I am a widower in my late 70s and thankfully in full health at present. But I can foresee what the situation may be in the future. To some extent if o(...)

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I read your article on enduring power of attorney. Back in 2013, one of my sisters asked me to be an attorney along with herself and another sister. I(...)

While it’s impossible to determine just how much money you might need for the remainder of your life, it’s better to overestimate rather than underestimate.

This is one of the articles from the Lifetime Finance Advice series by our personal finance expert Fiona Reddan. These articles provide key financial (...)

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Surely if, under the mental-capacity legislation, it is assumed everyone has capacity – why do we need a letter from a doctor to say we have capacity (...)

“The Citizens Information website says you can nominate your spouse as the attorney, but this seems impossible.” Photograph: iStock

I am in the process of making an enduring power of attorney. I want to provide for my wife to be the attorney, which I expect most people would want t(...)