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 Labour force figures from the CSO for the second quarter of this year highlight improvements in  employment  data. Photograph: Colin Keegan/Collins

(...) highlight the improvements in both employment and unemployment data as much of the Irish economy opened up(...)

Not surprisingly multinationals account for half of the growth coming from manufacturing, but they account for only half of the contribution to growth from the IT sector. This latter finding is striking as we know about the importance of firms like Google and Facebook, but we hear much less about the domestic firms which are also playing an important role. Photograph: Josh Edelson/AFP

(...) this problem by using other reliable indicators such as employment. For example, the fact that jobs(...)

A record 2.3 million people are  now employed in the Irish economy.

Labour Force Survey – the official data source for employment – which shows a record 2.3 million people(...)

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(...) generation before we might return to full employment. That fear was shared by the troika. This pessimism(...)

(...) has been clear for some time that the Irish economy is recovering. To judge by the employment data(...)

(...) about 14 per cent of all employment in Ireland in 2012, they were particularly important in the(...)

A street vendor sells soft drinks to riot police standing guard at Benito Juarez international airport after teachers from Mexico’s southern states belonging to the dissident teacher’s union CNTE blocked its main access in Mexico City yesterday. Photograph: Reuters.

The US added 169,000 jobs in August in a mixed employment report that will complicate the US(...)