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Uncertainty stalked the stands at this year’s Geneva auto show. Global automakers are planning a $300 billion (€267 billion) investment in electric vehicle technology over the next five to 10 years.

(...) increasingly being set by government policies adopted to cut carbon dioxide emissions. And the new limits being(...)

While the EU early on adopted policy measures to reduce emissions in electricity generation, the results have shown these policies to date have been very ineffective. File photograph: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

The European Union’s goal is that, by 2050, its level of emissions of greenhouse gases will no(...)

Buildings in Beijing, China, shrouded in smog: China faces a huge air quality crisis, brought on largely by coal-burning, which makes it far more willing to wean itself from the worst form of fossil fuel consumption. Photograph: How Hwee Young/EPA

(...) to mean global greenhouse emissions would rise inexorably no matter what wealthy countries did, while(...)

Average vehicle emissions have fallen but there are calls for more stringent tests

Average carbon emissions from passenger cars in Europe have fallen by 49g/km since 1995, a drop of(...)