Photograph: Peter Juelich/Bloomberg

There’s a certain symmetry in turning the technology infrastructure of the past to serve the needs of the technology of the future. So it will be as E(...)

German Chancellor Angela Merkel talks with an employee as she visits VW’s car factory in Zwickau, eastern Germany on November 4th. Photograph: RONNY HARTMANN/AFP via Getty Images

Germany plans to increase by half the grants available to buyers of electric cars over the five years from 2020, according to a government document s(...)

Workers install solar panels on a roof. Several readers wanted to know about the State’s deep retrofit scheme. Photograph: courtesy of Construct Ireland

Retrofitting, carbon taxes and healthcare were among the priorities for our readers this morning when a team from The Irish Times and PwC answered Bud(...)

Commercial stamp duty: the decision to triple it left readers scratching their heads. Photograph: iStock/Getty

Confusion about the new 6 per cent rate of stamp duty on commercial property transactions was the single biggest issue for readers in Wednesday’s Live(...)