If my mother gives us the family home as a gift, are we liable to pay any type of tax? Photograph: iStock

My mother is a widow. She has offered us the family home to renovate. I have a young family and would love to move out of the city. My husband and I(...)

“There is absolutely nothing to stop your daughter inheriting your home without paying any inheritance tax as long as she owns no other property – or a share in any other property. She can avail of what is called the dwelling house exemption.”

My daughter has been living at home all her life with me, her mother. I worked hard and my mortgage is paid and I have the house deeds. She is my only(...)

Revenue has tightened the rules significantly regarding the dwelling house exemption. Photograph: iStock

I know there is an arrangement by which one can leave the family home to a son or daughter, who has been living in it for at least three years, tax fr(...)

The dwelling house exemption allows someone to inherit a property tax-free provided that they have lived in it for three years before the homeowner’s death and that it was the main home of the person who has died.  Photograph: iStock

Revenue has decided not to appeal a High Court judgment that allows people to inherit the family home without paying tax, even if they also inherit ot(...)

Revenue has   tightened the rules significantly when it comes to inheriting a property   free of tax. Photograph: iStock

I am to inherit a property. Although I don’t own any other property and I will use the property as my main residence for more than three years after I(...)

The dwelling house exemption can enable someone inheriting a home to avoid  inheritance tax.

In a piece recently about a row within a family over an inheritance where the son who had minded his mother for many year might lose out, would he not(...)

The ‘gifted’ property could be a holiday home or investment property. Photograph: Yui Mok/PA Wire

More than 600 people availed of a now restricted relief to pass on property worth some €176 million in 2016 free of tax, latest figures from Revenue s(...)

The relief from capital gains of the sale of someone’s principal private residence is one of the best known tax reliefs  A person can receive cumulative gifts and/or inheritances from their parents of €310,000 under current rules without incurring a tax liability. Photograph: iStock

My wife and I have a question about gift tax. We have lived with my wife’s mother for more than three years in her mother’s house, the family home. We(...)

As the Group A CAT threshold is currently €310,000, does a tax liability only arise on the excess amount of €50,000?

I am in my mid-30s and I currently live in a property that was purchased and renovated by my father back in the 1980s. My parents still live in the f(...)

Is there is any way we can ensure our child gets our home and does not incur a vast inheritance tax bill? Photograph: Chris Ison/PA Wire

My wife and I are both retired and we have one child whom we wish to give, by inheritance/or gift, whichever is better, our home, which we own. As i(...)

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