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It might be worth your while securing specialist advice from a tax adviser familiar  with the Canadian tax code. Photograph: iStock

Ireland. However, it appears that you consider your domicile – in very simplistic terms, your home country(...)

You’d want a pretty sharp tax adviser to try to persuade Revenue you were anything other than Irish-domiciled.

(...) no such concept as “ordinary domicile” in tax law. You are either Irish-domiciled or you are not. And(...)

If you have opted for a life-wrapped investment product, there is nothing to be done, as the life company computes the taxes and passes them on to Revenue on your behalf.  Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

If funds are more expensive than we might have otherwise thought – as evidenced by new European regulations (insert link:

What tax do I pay to Revenue on a US bequest?

(...) in the US. Domicile is one of those funny concepts that can be quite hard to tie down. You can be(...)

Will a man living in Ireland but with assets in, and a pension  from, the UK – and  who pays tax to HMRC – be included in any offshore investigation by Ireland’s Revenue?

(...). Related to this is the concept of domicile. Tax residence is fairly straightforward. You are tax(...)