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‘I am a first-time buyer and am looking to self-build a small two-bedroom home with my fiance on a small corner site.’ File photograph:  Getty Images

(...) eligible to use the value of the site against the deposit of the overall mortgage? We are also aware of the(...)

There is nothing in the legislation to say you have to go to a registered contractor for your self-build. Photograph: iStock

(...) to Buy scheme to help me with my deposit for the mortgage? I have saved just €10,000 but need €18(...)

The rules of the help-to-buy scheme are clearly defined in legislation. The basic intention is that it helps first-time buyers meet the deposit requirements for buying a home.

(...). We used the land we owned on which we are building the house as the deposit for the loan. Now, we(...)

For the purposes of  the Help to Buy scheme, the value of a self-build is the valuation put on the property project by the mortgage lender. Photographer: Jason Alden/Bloomberg

My wife and I returned from Australia in February 2016 after living there for six years. As we were living abroad we haven’t paid any income tax here (...)

Buying a house: just because the minimum requirement is 70 per cent does not mean you must borrow only 70 per cent. Photograph: Paul Faith/PA Wire

(...) the 10 per cent deposit on the house up to a certain value. I hoped this rebate would help a lot but(...)