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The more engaged you are with your financial health, the better your finances are likely to be. Photograph: iStock

(...) savings or too much expensive debt, which you can then address at a later step. Step 2: Build up an(...)

Almost half of those with no private pension say they intend to rely on the State pension for their income in retirement. Photograph: iStock

More than half of Ireland’s working adults expect to carry some debt with them into retirement. and(...)

Writing down financial goals may not mean you’ll actually achieve them, but it increases your chances of doing so.

(...) have too much debt weighing on your credit card, try and make some inroads this year If you(...)

Nationally just 1.3 per cent of housing stock is on the market. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

(...) level of debt faster than anyone else in the European Union. The figure fell by more than 10 percentage(...)

German chancellor Angela Merkel: the way forward, she insisted,  was a return to frugality. Photograph: Fritz Reiss/AP

(...) state”? None at all. You see, policymakers have been basing their actions on a false view of what debt(...)

The Central Bank’s code of conduct on mortgage arrears has been reshaped

(...)-by-case basis, typically in the case of business or larger property investment debt. ”Permanent TSB and Ulster(...)