A view of  a public services card. File  photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times

Evidence continues to mount that the beleaguered and ill-considered public services card (PSC) is the wannabe cross-departmental project that has beco(...)

Austrian lawyer and privacy activist Max Schrems. The case before the Court of Justice of the European Union focuses on data transfer template agreements, known as standard contractual clauses (SCCs). Photograph: Joe Klamar/AFP/Getty Images

At long last, a critical Irish data privacy case this week wended its somewhat tortuous and costly way to the Court of Justice of the European Union ((...)

GDPR  is a new EU regulation that updates and harmonises how data is gathered, processed, stored and used across the bloc

You can thank Brussels if your in-box is soon less clogged than usual with spam. Above all you can thank Jan-Philipp Albrecht, a boyish Green Party M(...)

The Data Protection Commissioner wants a European Court of Justice determination before finalising her investigation of Max Schrems’s complaint over transfer of his personal data by Facebook Ireland Ltd to its US parent, Facebook Inc.

The European Union would face an “enormous” crisis if it could not trade with countries that did not match its data-protection standards, lawyers for (...)

Data protection Minister Dara Murphy: Chancellor’s thinking was echoed in meetings this week  with leading data protection officials. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Ireland’s data protection Minister Dara Murphy has welcomed signals that Germany is anxious to embrace a more enterprise-friendly approach to data co(...)

Max Schrems’s  case prompted the European Court of Justice decision over the Safe Harbour agreement. Photograph: Collins Courts

Hooray! Transatlantic transfers of digital data are once again safe to continue, thanks to a new deal between the EU and US called EU-US Privacy Shiel(...)

Bodies such as Gsoc apparently can gain access, outside the constraints intended in the original legislation, by sloppy back-door means that enable third-party investigations.

Today is European Data Protection Day. A good day, then, to grade the Government on its performance in this area. Unfortunately, Ireland earns a dep(...)

“There’s no jobs benefit for a country in allowing an airline to overcharge people for a flight because they’re allowed to collect enough data to know who the passenger is and where they need to be on a given day,” said Max Schrems, an Austrian campaigner and part of the Lobbyplag group.

Privacy in the EU is facing a red alert, if the privacy campaigners at Lobbyplag. eu are to be believed. That is the impression you could draw from th(...)

A Google employee demonstrates  Google Glass. Photograph: Angel Navarrete/Bloomberg

After sitting through days of presentations, discussion panels and keynotes last week at the world’s largest security industry gathering, I cam(...)