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More than half the Irish population have a credit card and we spend about €1 billion on them every month. Despite this, research by the Irish League o(...)

Under Ireland’s 2018 Data Protection Act, you are entitled to see  what information is held by the credit bureau

My husband and I have been living abroad, after moving there for better job opportunities. When I left Dublin in 2016, I didn’t do a good job at tying(...)

There is a possibility of  quickly building up a credit card debt so consider what your needs are  before you get swayed by reward cards

A once prominent feature of the Irish consumer finance landscape, credit card reward schemes enticed new customers by promising a little bit back on p(...)

Money maze: while there are many factors over which you have no control, there are plenty of financial decisions to improve your financial health that are within your control

If you’re suffering a case of the January blues – and your cupboards, wallet and bank account are all bare – it may be an opportune moment to take sto(...)