For all the improvements that the Total Contributions Approach promises, there is still the first step threshold of 520 paid contributions over a working life to be reached. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

My wife hopes to transfer to a contributory State pension under the review of current pensions as part of the move to the new method of calculating St(...)

Minister for  Social Protection Regina Doherty: new pension rules will benefit women who gave up work to care for their children. Photograph: Gareth Chaney Collins

My wife was working in the private sector and has 300 paid PRSI contributions. She has a further 102 credited PRSI contributions. She gave up work in (...)

My understanding is that anyone retiring between now and 2020 will have the choice of using the existing system or the new total contributions system – whichever is more beneficial to them financially. Photograph: Getty Images

I’m due to get my contributory State pension from June this year. Is the “pension reform” announced last week essentially a “fix” for women with reduc(...)