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Teamwork is relational and requires getting to know each other and building foundations that allow you to trust or disagree safely. Photograph: Getty Images

When it comes to teamwork, true collaboration is harder than we tend to think. It is also is a(...)

Make sure you’re focusing efforts to foster collaboration where it’s most needed – complex problems that require the input of multiple specialised experts who couldn’t confront the issue without integrating their knowledge

(...) them. To foster collaboration, here are steps to keep in mind: 1. Pick your battles carefully: Make(...)

Dr Darrin Morrissey with Cathy Hynes and Eve Casey, from Cork, who won at the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition for their project Sugar on Trial

(...) working in collaboration with them and not only in-house. The boundaries between academic and industrial(...)

The Irish Cancer Society and research funder Science Foundation Ireland have joined to open a cancer research centre.

In a unique collaboration the Irish Cancer(...)

(...). The hope is that this collaboration will not only lead to jobs and new enterprises, but also greater(...)