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Kansas governor Sam Brownback:  in 2012,  he drastically cut taxes, assuring everyone that the resulting boom would make up for the initial loss in revenues. Unfortunately for his constituents, his experiment has been a resounding failure. Photograph: Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times

It’s now official: 2014 was the warmest year on record. You might expect this to be a politically important milestone. After all, climate-change denie(...)

The Celtic tiger’s building boom opened up archaeological sites under pipelines, housing and roads. This was used in a study that revealed that the decline of the bronze trade caused a population decline in 900BC.Photograph: Lorna Siggins

The European economy started to collapse 2,900 years ago, not because of dodgy banking practices but following the break-up of trade. Bronze went out(...)

The intense resistance by some to scientific findings on climate change is difficult to understand. Some climate change deniers present their case wit(...)

Minister of State Brian Hayes opened the OPW flood risk management conference in Dublin Castle today.

Climate change deniers “are lying to themselves and lying to the country and they need to be swept aside”, Minister of State Brian Hayes has sa(...)

Wind Aware Ireland (WAI)  has called on the Government to reform its “unsustainable” wind energy policy. Photograph: Cyril Byrne /The Irish Times

Non-profit Wind Aware Ireland (WAI) has launched a website calling on the Government to reform its “unsustainable” wind energy policy. WAI argu(...)

Environmental campaigner and possible European parliament candidate Duncan Stewart has expressed disappointment in himself for his performance on radio yesterday morning. Photograph: Dara Mac Domhnaill / The Irish Times

Environmental campaigner and possible European Parliament candidate Duncan Stewart has expressed disappointment in himself for his performance (...)

Duncan Stewart (middle of photograph) pictured at a Youth Eco-Forum in 2009. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh/The Irish Times

The broadcaster and environmentalist Duncan Stewart threatened to walk out of a radio interview this morning, while simultaneously demanding to(...)

Evelyn Cusack pictured at the National Maritime Museum in Dun Laughaire ahead of her talk this evening. Photograph: Margaret Brown

This past winter has been dreadful with the stormiest, wettest conditions in years, and yet overall we live in the best of conditions. The past(...)

East coast of Greenland: higher temperatures might mean more wintertime freezes with Arctic air pouring over Ireland

The notion of being careful about what you wish for certainly holds true when one looks at how our climate will alter due to climate change. While we (...)

The east coast of Greenland, where melting ice sheets meet the sea. The difficulties of being able to predict changes in the Arctic permafrost, ice sheet melting and ocean warming were discussed yesterday on the closing day of the British Science Festival. Photograph: Andrew Testa/the New York Times

The threat posed by the thawing Arctic permafrost will for the first time be predicted when the next international climate change report is published (...)

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