The ReActiv8 unit is designed to treat disabling pain in patients with chronic lower back pain through the use of an implant that stimulates nerves to strengthen muscles in the lower back

Back pain group Mainstay Medical has successfully implanted 204 patients with its Reactiv8 device as part of a clinical trial to access the key United(...)

The trial results are encouraging, with the highlight for Mainstay Medical being the 90 per cent of patients who report an improvement in quality of life after six months of using the surgically implanted device.

Anyone will chronic lower back pain will tell you just how disabling it can be. That’s why investors are excited by the prospects for a new approach b(...)

Mainstay Medical chief executive  Peter Crosby estimates that there is a potential market for its device of more than two million people in the US and Europe. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Irish company Mainstay Medical will seek regulatory approval in Europe for its chronic lower back pain device following clinical trial results that co(...)