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TikTok: about one-third of its users are reported to be aged between 10 and 19. Photograph: Hollie Adams/Bloomberg

(...) requirements in its processing of children’s personal data. The DPC is also looking at the issue of transfers(...)

The average tax wedge faced by a single worker (32.3 per cent) is more than twice that faced by a one-income married couple with two children (16.1 per cent). Photograph: iStock

(...) with children through advantageous tax treatment and/or cash benefits, and it was one of 27 countries(...)

The main reason for getting private health cover for your children is the access it gives to procedures in private hospitals, according to insurance adviser John Haigney. Photograph: iStock

(...) whether an easy route to cutting their annual premium is to simply stop cover for their children. After(...)

“A weekly allowance is great way to help kids to manage their money. There is no better way to help children learn to manage their money than to make their own mistakes.”

If your children, like so many, enjoyed a Christmas of munificence, the sight of an overflowing(...)