Revenue, they are likely to look askance at 2009 losses they have never heard of suddenly appearing on a tax return.

I made some losses on both the Elan and Waterford Crystal price collapses some years ago. Is it too late to offset these against gains made during the(...)

Capital losses as a rule are offset against any capital gains arising in the same year. If that is not sufficient to offset them fully, they are set against any gains in future years

I am contemplating writing a will. I make tax returns yearly, and I am carrying forward capital losses from the sale of a house. I own some shares in (...)

Vodafone/Verizon:  special arrangements are being made to allow holders of a handful of Verizon shares offload that stake without incurring excessive charges. Photograph:  Reuters/Dado Ruvic

I read your article last October re the special arrangement being made by the Dublin office of Computershare for small shareholders formerly with Voda(...)