From September 2016, the free access to pre-school will be widened to cover all children between the ages of three and five and a half years of age, who are not already in primary school. They will also be able to enrol not just in September but also in January and April of any given year.

Childcare was the dominant issue for readers in the wake of the 2016 Budget presentation, specifically the new pre-school care measures. Hard-pressed (...)

 Aer Lingus: Back in 2006, Aer Lingus floated at €2.20. It immediately jumped to €2.40 and actually managed to trade as high as €3.27 in March 2007.   Photograph: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

I may want to sell some Aer Lingus shares that I have had for a long time. How do I do that?Mr DC, email Aer Lingus is certainly in the news right now(...)

“While the figures are fractionally out from the precision you will get by using the more complicated Revenue formula, the difference is so small that I cannot see the tax authorities getting too picky on the difference.” Photograph: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg

Some time ago, I received free shares from Standard Life. If I sell these, I will pay capital gains tax on the whole proceeds less the personal allowa(...)

I have just 481 Vodafone shares and wish to sell. I am wading through forms. I have signed blue and yellow, not clear about white. Can you help? I ass(...)

Economists say  the collapse of the property market since 2007 may have led house prices to undershoot fair values. In a research technical paper, they state that prices “are back to levels consistent with or below long-run equilibrium values”.

The rate of capital gains tax should be indexed to increases in house prices as part of efforts to prevent another property bubble, economists at t(...)

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