‘My mother is worried about the tax she will have to pay on the house left to her by her brother.’ File photograph: iStock

My mother, who rents from the council, was left a house worth €300,000 by her brother whom she looked after for three years and who sadly passed in 20(...)

My daughter bought a house in 2001 for £200,000 and rented it from March 2014. She rented another property from October 2013 and, in 2016, she bough(...)

Capital gains tax: “There is an exemption for people who are not living in their home because they are receiving care in a hospital, convalescent home or nursing home, or where they now reside in a retirement home for which they are paying.” File photograph: Getty

An individual buys – and occupies – a house for say €90,000 in February 1990. Some 25 years later, 2015, due to failing health, the same individual ha(...)

You will also need to make sure everything is in writing and that you have full receipts for the enhancement works. Photograph: Getty

Having purchased a house in 1986 and lived there for 10 years until 1996, could I reduce capital gains tax payable if I decide now to do a little upgr(...)

The term ‘agricultural property’ is fairly wide and includes actual land, farm buildings and farm houses, machinery and stock, alongside things like milk quotas and single farm payment entitlements

A lot of small family farms are rented out and the owner is working another job full time. In this case, the owners (my parents) are now in their 60s,(...)

He is only liable for the increase in the value of the property – the capital gain – since he acquired ownership. Photograph: Gareth Fuller/PA

My partner and his brother inherited the family home after their parents passed in 2019. He has not lived there for five years and has left a younger (...)

Photograph: iStock

I have a property and want to sell it to my sister. If I sell it to her in 2020 for the purchase price in 2013, which was €170,000, there is no capita(...)

Your experience shows the perils of making informal arrangements to suit particular family circumstances

My father died six years ago and the estate was split among five siblings. We all got some cash, which we took, but the house was not divided. The hou(...)

As long as the adult children have not already received substantial inheritances from their mother, or gifts from either of you, there should be no immediate issue

I’m considering selling our previous family home to jointly buy three apartments with my three adult kids. It’s probably worth €800,000. I plan to stu(...)

‘My father-in-law has offered to sell an investment property to my wife and I for €300k.  He paid €200k a number of years ago.’ Photograph: iStock

My father-in-law has offered to sell an investment property to my wife and I for €300k. The current market value for this house is approximately €350k(...)

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