With Fair Deal, where you take out a nursing home loan, you pay it in line with its terms and conditions

My mother died last August 2021 and myself and my two brothers owe €120,000 to the Fair Deal scheme to be paid by August 2022. The house has been va(...)

Mostly ‘bed and breakfasting’ is used by people whose shares are rising in value to mitigate eventual capital gains tax. Photograph:   Drew Angerer/Getty

I recently read an article you wrote on cryptocurrencies and tax and it raised a question in my head. If one was to sell shares before the year end an(...)

Trading currencies can be a volatile business; spread betting only increases that volatility risk. Photograph: iStock

I am in touch with an FX trader in the UK. He trades on different FX markets. I invested €15,000 with him, on which he pays me a monthly 3 per cent re(...)

I have a couple of questions about inheritance from a non-EU country. I am an expat in Ireland. I come from Asia. My wife is a non-Irish EU citizen. W(...)

Sensible cryptocurrency investors have probably contented themselves with dipping a toe in the water. Photograph: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

I have invested in cryptocurrencies and I have a few questions about what my position will be with taxes. Fortunately I’m not in that position where I(...)

It could very reasonably be argued that you would never have incurred the cost of staging the home unless it was for the purposes of selling it

I am looking for some advice on how to calculate how much we might owe in capital gains tax on an upcoming property sale. I am finding it difficult to(...)

‘I am 71 years of age and want to get my affairs in order.’ Photograph: iStock

I am 71 years of age and want to get my affairs in order. I bought a second house in 1990 for £70,000. It is now valued at €350,000. The house has bee(...)

Deposit interest retention tax is levied on interest earned on bank and credit union savings at a rate that has varied significantly in recent years. Photograph: iStock

It’s an issue that is often highlighted in the run-up to the budget, but one that continues to frustrate and perplex savers and investors alike; why i(...)

Figures published on Wednesday showed the numbers receiving the Pandemic Unemployment Payment fell by more than 25,000 this week to 114,612. Photograph: iStock

Family businesses say they are competing against the Covid unemployment supports to get people back working again. A new report says the State will r(...)

My siblings have agreed to sell their share of the house to me at a very reduced rate.

My parents passed away over the past two years, leaving their modest home to myself and my two siblings. The home is worth approximately €275,000, and(...)

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