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‘Many of these properties were rented out, often because the owners either needed to upsize for family reasons or because they relocated with their jobs.’ File photograph: Getty

I am selling a rental property that I bought in 2006 and lived in for a number of years before renting it out. There is no CGT [capital gains tax] as (...)

The basic rule on capital gains is that you pay tax on the difference between the purchase price and the sale price,  in your case about €180,000

I am looking at selling a house I have rented out for over 20 years that was previously my own residence. We purchased the house in 1995 and it was (...)

The Revenue Commissioners have settled a €976 million dispute tax  bill with US pharma company Perrigo for just under €300 million. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Over the counter drugs company Perrigo has settled the largest tax bill ever issued by the Revenue Commissioners for €297 million. When credit for cer(...)

House Democrats have drafted a package of tax increases that falls short of Joe Biden’s ambition. Photograph: Michael Reynolds/EPA

House Democrats have drafted a package of tax increases that falls short of US president Joe Biden’s ambition, an acknowledgment of how politically pr(...)

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My late mother-in-law bought an apartment 25 years ago and lived in it until her death. It was rented to various tenants for over 25 years and the las(...)

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I wonder if you can answer a question for me. I inherited a house a number of years ago. I recently sold the house and am looking to calculate the Cap(...)

A capital loss does not expire. You hold on to it and carry it forward until such time as you have made sufficient capital gains on the sale of other assets to fully offset it

I bought an apartment in 1987 which I still live in. In 2000, I bought a holiday home for €90,000 on which I spent about €70,000 on renovations. Durin(...)

“If you provide a home rent-free for your dependent parents, then, for the purposes of capital gains tax, it is considered to have the same status as your principal private residence.”

I bought a house in 1997, primarily so that my parents could retire and live there rent-free, though it was also my home for a time. After about six (...)

Rental potential: not having received rent means  that  certain costs    cannot be claimed. Photograph: Getty

I bought a house in a Cork town in 1996 for £56,000. I bought the house so my mother could live in it. My father moved into house about 10 years ago a(...)

I am considering selling my home  at a profit of €300,000 then paying off the mortgage on the apartment plus the management fees, and then selling the apartment for a possible €230,000, using this profit to buy a small house. Photograph: Yui Mok

I am a single person and I have two properties – my home that I live in and a duplex apartment that I have rented out. I have an outstanding mortgag(...)

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