In this case, your mother effectively handed over ownership of the property to you with what is called a right of residence. Photograph: iStock

My mother transferred our family home to me, her son, in 1995 with one proviso – that she retained a right to live there until her death. The house wa(...)

Revenue has   tightened the rules significantly when it comes to inheriting a property   free of tax. Photograph: iStock

I am to inherit a property. Although I don’t own any other property and I will use the property as my main residence for more than three years after I(...)

Revenue will consider any of your assets as fair game for assessing inheritance tax.

I am an 83-year-old widower with two grown children to whom all my assets are left in my will. As of now, I will be able to leave each €310,000 in my (...)

Ultimately, the valuation date is the date when the value of the property and assets is established.

We are in the process of concluding an estate. The beneficiaries are five siblings. One of these is not an issue: the remaining four inherit the proce(...)

We have been gifted a garden site valued under €310,000 and under one acre by my fiancée’s parents to build a house for us. Photograph: iStock

My fiancee and I live in the United Kingdom. We have been gifted a garden site valued under €310,000, and under one acre by my fiancee’s parents to bu(...)

If you earn income from your home, you will be liable to capital gains tax on at least part of its increase in value when you go to sell it. Photograph: Getty Images

If someone rents out their home and, at the same time, moves in to a rented property (for example because of a change of job location that might not b(...)

What tax do I pay to Revenue on a US bequest?

Both my wife and my two daughters have recently received bequests from my late brother in law – my wife’s brother – who had been living in the US from(...)

A wedding gift, by any reasonable interpretation, would seem to be a gift to both parties. Photograph: iStock

I recall that, in the past, you outlined the matter of a certain level of expenditure on a wedding gift being exempt from capital acquisitions tax (CA(...)

You can receive up to €30,150 from a lineal relative (grandparent, uncle/aunt or sibling) free of tax

I was given €20,000 by my grandfather about 10 years ago. It was put into my mother’s post office account for safe-keeping. I now have said €20,000 in(...)

The new PRSI regime on unearned income is certainly causing a lot of confusion

I am a retired teacher and will be 66 this year. I receive a pension based on my service of almost 40 ye(...)

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