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FleetConnect CEO Patrick Cotter: “People expect wifi to be abundant and excellent in 2018.”

(...) without wifi. “Access to fast, efficient broadband used to be a novelty, now it’s a given,” says Patrick(...)

According to the research, the Republic comes in 116th place overall with an average broadband package price of €56.92 a month.

The Republic is at least five years out of step with the UK for broadband provision and more than a(...)

Ms Justice Marie Baker found the commissioner  fell into error over its  refusal  to release a report on the options available to the Government to achieve generalised roll-out of high-speed broadband within the State. Photograph: Michaela Rehle/Reuters

Government report on the roll-out of next generation broadband, the High Court has ruled. Stephen Minch had(...)

The Government has begun a mapping exercise to identify the reach of current broadband services(...)