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The State pension age must surely rise. Photograph: iStock

(...) introduction of auto-enrolment – whereby workers are automatically enrolled in a private pension structure to(...)

 Regina Doherty: she wants to reform what she  has called an “unfair” way of assessing eligibility for the State pension

(...) autoenrolment to ensure all workers have some private pension provision. Slightly ahead of State pension reform(...)

Tony Lawless, left, managing director of corporate business at Irish Life. “Our message to Government is ‘seize the moment’,” Mr Lawless says

(...) shows that people feel an autoenrolment pension scheme will be far more successful in increasing private(...)

With fewer than half  of all workers having a workplace or private pension, and concerns over the future viability of the State pension, the need for a supplementary savings is seen as essential. Photograph: iStock

(...)? First mooted back in 2006, auto-enrolment, where employees are automatically enrolled into a pension(...)

Calculating your type: Patient types may opt to wait for the bigger payments while less patient souls might prefer to get their hands on the money straight away

(...). Auto-enrolment One of the most frequently-suggested remedies is the policy of auto-enrolment(...)