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My father made a will leaving the family home and land to my brothers but, since then, he has given me a letter gifting me a small portion of the land.

I am one of seven. My father made a will in September 2019 leaving the family home and land to my brothers and any money after expenses to be divided (...)

I have recently discovered that foster children who have not been adopted by their foster parents are treated as strangers in law for the purposes of (...)

People never consider that a marriage – first or subsequent – will invalidate a will but it does

I am curious to know if a will which a wife makes still holds while there is no legal separation in place? Ms M.F., email There are several situati(...)

With a properly constructed will a son or daughter can avail of the dwelling house exemption on the family home while also inheriting a share of a  holiday home. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

I am married with four children. Three sons are married and the fourth child, a daughter, lives at home. She has never owned a home. My wife and I are(...)

There is no obligation to provide for non-dependant children in a will.

I found your article about the treatment of gifts under a will from August 2014 while searching on this inheritance topic, as I am currently in an alm(...)

Typically, for life insurance cover, it’s recommended that between 10 and 15 times your current annual income is needed to maintain your lifestyle

If you have been following this series you will have already taken charge of your savings and considered your plans for retirement. Now it’s time to e(...)