The big problem is that stepchildren appear to be regarded differently in the two pieces of legislation governing inheritance

I am told by the HSE that I need to appoint a legal representative but really don’t know where I stand in terms of the case. My stepmam – the woman (...)

There is no obligation to provide for non-dependant children in a will.

I found your article about the treatment of gifts under a will from August 2014 while searching on this inheritance topic, as I am currently in an alm(...)

Marriage revokes a will made before that point, but divorce does not. Photograph: iStock

My partner of three years and I are both in our early 60s. We are widowed and divorced respectively. We each have two adult children and we are both o(...)

Students on UCD campus: The bottom line is that you will not be eligible for any tax relief in respect of the cost of college entry paid by you for your grandchild.   Photograph: Frank Miller

If I pay the registration fee for a grandchild who is starting in UCD, is there any tax benefit to me? I pay tax at the highest rate.Ms EK, Dublin Get(...)