Property tax

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Those living in more expensive parts of the State, such as Dublin or other urban areas, may well end up paying more for their property tax each year while If you live and work in an urban area you  will probably have to pay a higher car insurance premium.

Did you know that where you live might be costing you? And no, we’re not talking about house prices here. Your address can also have a bearing on how (...)

We are now in the final straight for Budget 2018, shortly Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe will walk into Leinster House with a briefcase to deliv(...)

All these extra costs really add up and significantly increase your overall tax burden.

Every October the budget comes along and we eagerly await what impact the Minister for Finance’s pronouncements will have on our personal bottom line.(...)

It’s been almost nine years since Brian Cowen delivered his fourth budget as Minister for Finance, and his first against a “challenging economic back(...)

There was good news for the self-employed in this month’s Budget; but maybe not as good as some had hoped. Yes, efforts were made to reach the goal(...)