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Mark Zuckerberg: variations of “my team will get back to you” provided a constant refrain. Photograph: AFP/Getty

Mark Zuckerberg survived another five hours of quizzing by members of the United States Congress on Wednesday – but not without dodging some questions(...)

New neutrality:  The general public and the business world have never been as aware of privacy issues as they are now. Photograph: Bill O’Leary/The Washington Post via Getty Images

In terms of media coverage, 2017 was a fine year for alternately fretting or fawning over AI (artificial intelligence) and robots. Hardly a week seeme(...)

Edward Snowden’s  leaks made citizens, businesses and governments aware of the scope of what was possible in large-scale surveillance and secret data access. Photograph: Reuters

Privacy will be a big issue in 2015. In Ireland as well as internationally, three big “Ps” are aligning around the topic, building on developments in (...)