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Pension rules limit tax relief on pension contributions. Photograph: iStock

Pensions contribution limits penalise women workers and the self-employed, according to a leading pension trustee. Independent Trustee Company (ITC) (...)

Photograph: iStock

Pensions have became the unexpected issue of the election. And just for once, it is not the gray vote but the graying vote that has set political part(...)

Government and corporate debt market yields fell sharply this year, hitting pension schemes’ returns from bonds.

Pensions are supposed to be a reassuring feature of the workplace – comfort that there will be a level of financial security in retirement. But for th(...)

Some 1,000 of Pfizer’s 3,800 staff in Ireland are members of the pension scheme in question. Photograph: Reuters

What we have, we hold – so goes the old trade union mantra. And that is clearly the strongly held view of union leaders at the the Ringaskiddy plant o(...)

A single person earning €100,000 a year in Ireland pays almost €12,000 more in tax every year than a married person. Photograph: iStock

As David McWilliams recently explained in this newspaper, one of the biggest demographic shifts in modern Ireland has been the rise of the singleton. (...)

People are living longer than previous generations –  with rising retirement ages we need our pensions to work for us for longer. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Pensions can be difficult to understand. But it boils down to a couple of key points: – the longer you live, the more retirement costs, and; – someo(...)

Reforming the amount of tax relief on pension contributions  is unlikely to result in increasing the saving habits of lower paid workers, according to an ESRI report.

* Reforming the amount of tax relief on pension contributions could boost exchequer funds by up to a billion euro annually, with higher earners bearin(...)

Tata’s business has become less competitive in the wake of Brexit as costs of imported input rose: Anna Gowthorpe/PA Wire

In the half-light of dusk, Tata Steel’s Port Talbot smelting plant can emit an eerie industrial beauty as its fires light up against the Irish Sea and(...)

The numbers relying on the State pension jumped from 26 per cent in 2009 to 36 per cent in 2015, according to the CSO

Pensions are on the agenda again, as the Pensions Authority seeks further reform to many areas of private pensions. It is consulting (here) on propos(...)

Pensions in the future may be much less generous than today, with many people at serious risk of pensioner poverty, according to an OECD assessment of(...)

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