Nobel Prize

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Prof David Card, one of three US-based academics who on Monday won the Nobel Prize in economics for research that ‘revolutionised’ empirical work. Photograph: AFP via Getty Images

Three US-based economists have won this year’s Nobel Prize for their work on real-world experiments that challenged received ideas, including by show(...)

Professor of chemistry at Northwestern University in the US J Fraser Stoddart is one of three winners of the 2016 Nobel Prize for Chemistry. Photograph: Jim Young/Reuters

Research into the development of tiny micro-robots that can seek out and dstroy cancer has captured a Nobel Prize for three European scientists. “Th(...)

A portrait of Norwegian mathematician Niels Henrik Abel. Image: Deagostini/Getty

When Alfred Nobel’s will appeared, the absence of any provision for a prize in mathematics gave rise to rumours of discord between Nobel and Gösta Mi(...)

Takaaki Kajit,   who has won the Nobel Prize for Physics with Arthur McDonald. Photograph: Issei Kato/Reuters

Two scientists from Japan and from Canada have won the Nobel Prize for Physics for their discoveries related to the elusive, fast-moving neutrino. Tak(...)