Slapping is widely practised, though it’s been declining sharply over recent years. Photograph: Getty Images

It’s highly unlikely – despite a ruling by the Council of Europe on Wednesday that Ireland’s laws, which permit the slapping of children, are a vio(...)

Dr Dorothy Watson, of the Economic and Social Research Institute: ‘There have been important changes over time in the composition of economically vulnerable families.’ Photograph: Joe St Leger

Children born to mothers in their 30s with a third-level education are less likely to develop emotional or behavioural problems as a result of their (...)

How do you prise the controls from their sweaty little hands and get them outside? Photograph: Eric Luke

So another study has proven what many parents already know. Children who spend a lot of time in front of television, video games and small screens are(...)

Mothers on lower incomes are more likely to return to work early after the birth of their child, according to a major study to be published today.The (...)