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Writer/Director David Gordon Green at the Sundance festival in Park City, Utah. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Imagine, if you will, that Terrence Malick decided to direct an instalment of the American Pie franchise. Further imagine that, rather than mould t(...)

Ancient cannibalistic religions have less eccentric calendars than does the movie universe. The long run-in and dreary aftermath to Christmas d(...)

Maho Yamada and Mikako Ichikawa in Naoko Ogigami’s Rent-a-Cat

A welcoming note in the programme for the upcoming Japanese Film Festival speaks of vernal beginnings and the coming of the cherry blossoms. On(...)

Aoife Madden: pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy to cheat the public revenue. Yesterday she was sentenced  to four years and eight months in jail

Five people, including Newry-born actor Aoife Madden, have been jailed in London for an “extraordinary” tax fraud, where they tried to claim up(...)

David Attenborough doesn’t like rats. It’s true. You’d think a fella who makes a living from animal-kingdom voyeurism would be open-minded when it (...)

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